Safely Unlock iPhone 5S AT&T To Use Other Networks

on May 28, 2014

You may have thought it was a tough task, but there’s an easy way to unlock iPhone 5s AT&T devices and open up a world of possibilities for your phone. Smartphones may have been invented to free users from the hassles of desktop computers and clunky laptops, but most carriers including AT&T place subsidy locks on their devices that significantly limit your freedom. Not only can you not operate the device with a different carrier but your device is bound to a contract and limited in the applications and downloads it can access. Fortunately, unlocking the iPhone 5s AT&T device is easier than you think.

There are a number of reasons users unlock iPhone 5s AT&T devices. Below are the three main reasons:

  • Lose the Contract —When you break free from your subsidy lock, you lose the need to have a contract with any carrier.
  • Free Apps —Once your device is unlocked, you’re free to download a wide number of apps for absolutely free, many of which you couldn’t access under your AT&T plan.
  • Downloads Galore —Unlocked devices can download movies and music from sites that weren’t accessible under your AT&T contract.

Fortunately, iPhone AT&T unlocking is easier than you might have thought.

Services To Unlock iPhone 5S On AT&T

at&t unlockingIf you want to break free from your contract and open your phone up to a new world of possibilities, you may be tempted to try unlocking your iPhone 5s yourself. Although this is indeed possible for old 3G models, you don’t want to run the risk of making a mistake in the process. One slip can end up damaging your phone irreparably. You can also contact AT&T to unlock the device, but there are a number of barriers this carrier throws up in order to make it difficult. This is why users have been turning to unlocking services to unlock iPhone 5s on AT&T devices.

With a professional unlocking service, the risks in doing it yourself and the barriers put in place by AT&T suddenly vanish. Such services know exactly how to perform the iPhone 5s  unlock steps that are needed to free you from your carrier and open up the true possibilities of your phone. These services will have your phone unlocked in mere minutes. You’ll also be able to rest easy knowing your iPhone 5s has been factory unlocked safely.

With professional unlocking services, users have been able to break free from the limits imposed by their carriers.

Is It Legal To Unlock iPhones?

Many users, upon hearing about the benefits of an unlocked iPhone 5s, assume that doing so must be illegal. This is a stigma many carriers would like you to go on believing, but the simple fact of the matter is that unlocking your device is completely within the bounds of the law. Just because you don’t have a contract with a carrier doesn’t mean you’re an outlaw. It simply means you can operate your phone outside the bounds of a carrier, download free applications, and access movie sites you couldn’t when under contract.

Learning How To Unlock iPhones On AT&T

Now that you know how to unlock iPhone 5s AT&T devices with the use of a professional service, you may be worried about the cost. Although there is a price to pay for the unlocking of the device, it’s important to keep in mind that this is a one-time fee. After this fee is paid, you’ll be free to experience the benefits of an unlocked iPhone 5s for as long as the phone is in use. After all, an unlocked phone doesn’t just grant you access to apps and sites you never had access to before, it saves you serious money that greatly surpasses the fee you pay your unlocking service.

The most obvious thing you’ll be saving money on is your monthly phone bill. Once you’re free from AT&T and the contract that comes with them, you can kiss those monthly bills goodbye. In just several months you will have made up for the price you paid to have your phone unlocked. After that it’s thousands of dollars in savings for the lifetime of your iPhone 5s. With each month that ticks by, that’s another bill saved. Freedom is not having to worry about paying that next bill.

Then there are the free apps. Under your old carrier you would have had to pay for many of the apps you wanted, costing you hundreds and even thousands over the years. Once you unlock an iPhone 5C, you’ve entered a world of completely free apps that you can download as needed. When you add the free apps to the costs you’re already saving on your monthly bills, suddenly that unlocking fee doesn’t seem so high.

With all the savings and freedom you can gain, it’s easy to see why thousands of users are turning to unlocking services for the many reasons explained.

The Basics Of Unlock iPhone 5S

on May 28, 2014

Have you ever tried to unlock iPhone 5S before or at least consider doing so? Most people have. Of course, many still don’t know what that means or what the process entails. If this sounds like you, it would be to your benefit to learn what goes into unlocking that phone, why it’s such a good idea and how you can get it done the best way possible. This way, if you do decide to get your phone unlocked at some point, you’ll be prepared to have it done at the lowest cost and without risk to the actual device.

Can You Unlock iPhone 5S?

We’ll start with the basics. Unlocking your phone is often referred to as jailbreaking. The idea is simply enough. It simply means going into the phone and removing the many restrictions Apple puts on it. This would be like if Chevy only allowed your car to come in one color, with one choice for the interior, only a few radio stations and a speedometer that wouldn’t go past 60. You’d probably appreciate the option to lift these restrictions to do what you pleased with your own property, right?

That’s what jailbreaking your phone does. Right now, you can only do so much to change the background of your desktop, for example. And most of those options will cost you. This is how Apple makes so much money. They charge you for altering your phone in just about anyway. What many people don’t know, though, is that there’s a world of software out there on the internet made by developers who don’t want to pay Apple. Once you unlock iPhone 5S, that world is completely open to you.

The main reason Apple places these restrictions on you, allegedly, is because they want your phone to be safe. People are always spreading viruses, after all. However, after you unlock iPhone 5S, so long as you practice common sense, you should be fine. Most people don’t have Apple looking after their personal computer, for example, and they do just fine.

Reasons To Unlock iPhone 5S AT&T

factory unlock iphone 5sAside from all the cool software you’ll have access to, the main reason people unlock their phone is to save money. Right now, you only have a couple of options for carriers. This gives them quite the advantage in terms of charging you for their services, doesn’t it? You probably feel that advantage every month when you go to make a large payment for your phone bill.

However, there are countless options out there in terms of carriers. Did you know there are basically mom and pop shops that lease out the networks of larger companies and then provide those services to you at a discount? Those carriers can now be yours as soon as you unlock iPhone 5s on AT&T. All the other big names will have to find another customer to charge tons of money.

This is an even bigger advantage for those who plan on spending time abroad. Doing so already costs enough money. Trying to use your iPhone over there can add hundreds of dollars to even a short trip or simply leave you without a phone. But when you jailbreak yours, you can simply buy a local SIM card, insert it and use a local network. It will be just like you’re using your normal carrier back home, both in terms of sound quality and savings.

Options With iPhone 5 Unlocking

There are three main options for jailbreaking an iPhone 5s. The first is to do so manually. This really requires a skilled technician, though, who needs to actually get inside your phone to tamper with the hardware. Although the Internet is full of instructions on how to do this, it’s really best left to those who have the proper experience. Even then you risk permanently damaging your phone though.

Another option is to use software you can find online. There are a couple problems with this method though. First, unlocking iPhone 5S revolves around being able to get past Apple’s insistence on not letting you add your own software. So you can imagine that some free software off the Internet might not work so well. Also, free software usually doesn’t come from the most reputable source (you have to wonder why it would be free). The result is often an iPhone that’s now had its software compromised.

Your best option is to go with a company you can find online who has a valid reputation. Choose one that only needs your IMEI number so you can simply send it to them and they can unlock it remotely.

Once your phone is factory unlocked, you’ll have a world of new options in terms of both software and savings. So unlock iPhone 5C today to get more from that amazing device.